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In this video we look at Air Source Heat Pump split system installation. Viva Training look at a Daikin split system – R32 outdoor unit 4kw and indoor unit (split hydraulic and split refrigeration unit).

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We get asked about the F-Gas side of heat pumps a lot so here is an insight from one of our expert trainers!



We’re here in the daikin product training room we’re installing this viking split system it’s the r32 outdoor unit it’s four kilowatts and is the indoor unit which is a split hydraulic and split refrigeration units.

We get asked a lot about the f gas side of air source heat pumps and we’ve just taken the time to video connecting the refrigeration lines from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, our expert trainer rob who’s our f gas trainer has just done this and videoed the whole thing to give you an insight into the process.

Air Source Split System Installation

We are going to install daikin alfirma low temperature heat pump. This is the outdoor unit the bit that sits in your garden this is the indoor bit that sits in your plant room or wherever you decide it’s going to be installed in your house. This absorbs the heat from the atmosphere and this part transfers the heat into your water system so it’s for your central heating or your hot water.

These have to be piped together from the refrigeration standpoint, so there are two pipes that will run from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit that have to be installed by a specialist refrigeration installer. They must be qualified to ensure that this equipment is put in correctly, legally and environmentally safe.

There’ll be two pipes, one pipe is larger than the other. The smaller pipe will carry refrigerant liquid refrigerant into the indoor unit and the larger pipe returns
vaporized refrigerant back to the outside unit.

Enjoy the video on the installation process.

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