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To perform gas work legally, you need to be on the Gas Safe Register. Your registration must be renewed every year. Your registration remains valid for 12 months from the date you registered. The applies to gas engineers in the United Kingdom, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

The Qualification Schemes for Becoming a Gas Safe Engineer

To become registered with Gas Safe, you must put in an application. There are several things you will need to do first. The purpose of the Gas Safe Register is making certain the public remains safe. You will need to provide evidence you can work with gas competently. There are only three acceptable routes for providing evidence.


If you do not have any experience in the industry, this is the qualification scheme you will need to choose. NVQ/SVQ is aligned with Scottish Vocational Qualification, National Vocational Qualification and ACS.

This scheme includes:

  • Maintenance and installation of natural gas (levels two and three)
  • Emergency service operations
  • Appliance pathway routes
  • Both (LPG) liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas
  • Installing and maintaining domestic appliances


The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework and the Qualification and Credit Framework provide the accredited vocational qualifications required for numerous types of gas services.

ACS Gas Scheme:

The (UKAS) United Kingdom Accreditation Service oversees this Nationally Accredited Certification. Engineers are assessed against the current standards of the national criteria and the best technology and working practices. If you have experience as a gas engineer, this is the best route to become an engineer for Gas Safe.

The Qualifications Codes

The qualification codes for Gas Safe are dependent on the area of gas work. Once your registration has been completed, your ID card for Gas Safe will show which gas job categories you have been qualified to perform.

Applying for the Gas Safe Register

You can put in your application online or go to the website for the Gas Safe Register to fill out your application. The payments you will be required to make are:

  • The registration for one engineer is £434.40
  • The registration for each additional engineer is £63.60

Prior to filling out an application, you will need:

  • The phone number and address of your company
  • The name of your company. If there is a different trading name, this is also required.
  • A debit or credit card
  • All engineers being registered need to have a National Insurance number.
  • Acceptable proof you possess the experience necessary for performing gas work.


If you do not have any experience in the industry, you may not be able to register without Scottish or National Vocational Qualifications. If your qualifications are older than five years, you will need to be retrained before you can register. Training may be required prior to obtaining evidence of competence or relevant qualifications. If you have just started out, your skills and knowledge may require refreshment.

Choosing a training programme meeting the requirements of Gas Safe and recognised by the industry is critical. You can view a current list of qualifications and training programmes recognised at the EU Skills website. It is important to note you will not be able to proceed with your assessment prior to completing a recognised training programme.

Upon successful completion of your registration, you will be placed on probation for three months. You will need to report all gas work to the Gas Safety Register and keep all of your records. Upon successful registration, you will receive your ID card from Gas Safe.

Registering with Gas Safe

Once you have procured your evidence of competence and relevant qualifications, you will be able to become registered with Gas Safe. Your qualifications will need to be received by Gas Safe from the awarding body before you can apply for your registration. You will initially receive a probationary registration status. You will still be able to perform gas work because you will be fully registered.

Specific requirements will need to be adhered to in the beginning. The most important information is detailed below.

Your Probation: Your probation will be for three months. You must inform Gas Safe of all completed work and keep all of your records. The Rules of Registration have all the details in Section 3b.

Your History: Your history will be taken into consideration for the registration scheme. This will be used to inform Gas Safe of your progress.

The Inspection Process: The inspection process will be used to determine your competence. This will enable your business to leave probationary registration.

Your probationary period can be extended by Gas Safe if they are notified your gas work is not satisfactory or if the work performed was not included in the registration categories held by your engineers or business. Gas Safe will complete an inspection to make this determination. If your probationary period is extended, Gas Work will assist you in completing this period.

Renewing Your Registration

Your registration will need to be renewed once each year. The cost for online renewal is £182.40. If you send in your application, your cost is £206.40. You can register on the phone or at the Gas Safe Register website.

Installing Gas Appliances

You must report installations of gas appliances producing heat such as heating systems and boilers to the local authority. This includes where you are performing the work.


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