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The Gas Let by Test, how to perform it, how to confirm it and what action you take!

In this video, VIVA Training’s technical trainer, Pete takes a look at the Gas Let By Test as part of a tightness test.



The Gas Let by Test, How Important is it Really?

This video is aimed at experienced or conscientious engineers because you should all know how to do it but for whatever reason decide not to do it and what they could be missing.

What is a let by test and what is it for?

A let by test is to make sure that the PCB shuts off. If the PCB does not shut off it will invalidate your tightness test completely!

And we prove this in the video with a 60 second let by test.

There is actually a gas leak on this installation which been masked by the let by and we set this up to show our gas trainees how important let by testing is. Make sure that you always do your full let by stabilisation and tightness testing.

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