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Find out why a career as a gas engineer is much more than just fitting and fixing boilers.

  • Gas isn’t being turned off!
  • An aging workforce will need to be replaced with a new generation
  • A respected industry



A Career as a Gas Engineer

I want to introduce you to an opportunity with a great salary:

  • no two days will ever be the same and,
  • you get the chance to save the planet along the way

Sounds great right!

Gas engineering is a great career choice for people of all ages whether you’re fresh and leaving school or whether you’re somewhere in between or a mature person. The average age of a gas engineer is 55 years old and they will be retiring soon, which leaves a big hole in the in the market.

There are currently over over 120 000 gas engineers in in the UK at the moment and they’re servicing 23 million homes and there are 1.8 million boilers that get installed every year, so it’s a really really big market to be a part of.

More recently in the news you may have read that, “gas is getting turned off” gas isn’t getting turned off. There is however a big push towards turning natural gas off and then releasing hydrogen through the gas network. The gas network is not complete enough yet to be able to take hydrogen across the whole of the UK. That’s the first thing. Secondly, hydrogen is not going to be released across the whole of the UK until all the boilers in the UK are 100% hydrogen ready and that’s some distance off in the future.

The government’s target is 2050 for the whole of the UK to go 100% hydrogen and so natural gas when it when it converts to hydrogen will be a thing of the past but gas isn’t getting turned off, rather its natural gas and that will not be for years and decades to come.

What’s the salary of a gas engineer?

We have been training trainee gas engineers and releasing them into industry for years. Most trainees start at around 23 – 24,000 and with other more recent trainees starting with British Gas on 28,000 as an improver. So these gas engineer trainees are classed as an improver to the industry and getting into small and big companies alike and trained to be gas safe.

The industry has very high standards of safety because it’s people’s live and homes at stake and we have the highest standards in working with gas safely where they then move into the industry and continue to learn and develop their experience.

Our gas training course is very intensive but it does take time after the course to build up experience on the job. As experience improves and you progress a gas engineer can expect salaries from 40 – 50,000 a year.

There is a large variety of work as a gas engineer and we like to say, no two days are the same. You could be installing gas boilers, servicing gas boilers, repairing gas boilers to installing central heating and not forgetting there are gas fires, cookers and lots of chimneys and chimney configurations that you might work on too.

You can progress into different areas of gas engineering, like a QC for larger companies.

Viva Training has the best trainers we’ve got a great facility and we go further in taking the time to help you figure out where you are going to go in the future within the industry. We have partners in housing associations with British Gas, who recently came in interviewed 35 of our trainees. We have different partners across the North of England and the opportunity to get involved in making sure that people are saving energy but in saving energy they’re also saving money so you’re improving the standard of living of the people out there.

About Viva Training

Viva Training provides a range of gas engineering and renewable energy courses.

From our location in Halifax, we provide certification for gas operatives throughout England via bespoke courses that match your needs. So whether you’re an engineer who has enrolled onto our ACS course to remain up to date with the latest changes in the industry, or are a complete novice who has joined our Managed Learning Programme to start your journey to becoming a gas safe registered engineer, we want to give you the insights, skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to help you truly thrive.


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