5 Reasons to Take a Boiler Fault Finding Course - Viva Training

Our top five reasons to take a boiler fault finding course:

  1. Work Safely
  2. Understanding Multimeters
  3. Understand Boiler Components
  4. Solving Real Faults
  5. Increase Earning Potential

Boiler Fault Finding Course

A boiler fault finding course is a great add-on for domestic gas engineers where you develop your skills and build confidence in boiler and heating control fault finding.

Viva’s 3-day intensive boiler fault finding course is ideal for gas installers who want to develop their technical skills to offer an improved central heating system maintenance and repair service.

Candidates undertake their training in Viva’s Boiler Fault Finding Studio, a practical training bay fully equipped with a range of boilers from a variety of different manufacturers.

Trainees will be able to familiarise themselves with a range of fault-finding methods and equipment, including the use of a multi-meter. The techniques learned can be transferred to any brand of boiler you may come across.




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