Heat Pump Revolution to Hit the UK – Train to Take Advantage with Viva! - Viva Training Academy

The government is relying heavily on a huge uptake of heat pumps to keep British homes warm and meet its commitments to low-carbon heating options in the future.

If recent figures published by the Committee for Climate Change are to be believed, we’ll need to install a whopping 19 million heat pumps in the UK by 2050 if we’re to reach Net Zero. That’s some 600,000 units a year.

The heat pump industry is relying on qualified heating engineers across the UK to embrace the challenge and up-skill in order to help fuel the new energy revolution and fill the skills gap.

You see, heating installers already have many of the skills needed to embrace the new heat pump technologies and it is hoped that they will see the potential growth in a sector which will provide them with enough work for a lifetime!

Training centres around the UK are reporting a growing interest in their heat pump courses as word is spreading and the demand is clear.

How to become an Air Source Heat Pump installer?

You need to have at least a level 2 or 3 NVQ qualification in, plumbing or heating and ventilation before you can up-skill with a Level 3 Air Source Heat Pump installation course.

The bolt-on heat pump qualification is short – typically a few days and there’s also a further requirement for up-to-date certification in WRAS Water Regulations and Energy Efficiency in Domestic Heating Systems, if they are not included in your existing plumbing or heating qualification. Both of these certificates are a necessary prerequisite to registration with the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) which upholds standards and reflects competency in the renewables sector, allowing installers to ‘self certify’ their work.

Air Source Heat Pump training at VIVA

We are about to deliver a new Level 3 Air Source Heat pump course, which is certified by LCL Awards. We’re currently finishing off our new training workshop hear at our centre in Harrogate, where learners can practice the theory they’ve learnt on a range of heat pump appliances.

The course covers all you need to know about the installation, commissioning and handover of air source heat pumps as well as servicing and after care. There are modules on health and safety and fault finding and diagnostics, for when things go wrong.

We will also be offering one-day courses on the two necessary bolt-ons – WRAS and Energy Efficiency.

It feels exciting, for us to be moving into renewables training and we’d be delighted if you’d join us. Our trainers were once experienced engineers themselves, so they will help you pick up the new skills you need.

Heating engineers and plumbers are well and truly in the spotlight to fill the skills gap and embrace new skills to help the UK move forward on a cleaner energy path. There’s going to be plenty of work for those who are prepared to branch out. Let us help you get there.

Register your interest in our new heat pump course, here.


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