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A recent survey conducted by the Energy Saving Trust paints a highly positive image of air source heat pumps, uncovering high user satisfaction among households. Despite the initial installation costs, most surveyed households expressed contentment with their heat pump systems, highlighting their efficiency and reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

The Heat is On

The Energy Saving Trust’s survey involved over 1,000 households in Great Britain that had installed an air source heat pump within the past two years. The survey was designed to ascertain users’ satisfaction with the heat pump systems’ performance, cost, and benefits.

The survey found that 80% of respondents were satisfied with their air source heat pump. These positive sentiments were driven by satisfaction with the heat output, with 85% of users happy with their system’s capacity to warm their homes adequately.

Air source heat pumps are celebrated for their energy efficiency, often converting 1 unit of electricity into three units of heat. Such efficiency was appreciated by the surveyed households, many of which reported reduced reliance on fossil fuels as a significant advantage.

The Sound of Silence

Another notable finding from the survey was that 82% of households were satisfied with the noise levels of their heat pumps. Air source heat pumps, unlike their ground source counterparts, are known for producing some noise during operation, a factor that could influence user satisfaction. The survey, however, revealed that noise levels are far from being a widespread concern among users.

The Price of Efficiency

The study also examined the financial aspects of owning an air-source heat pump. The average installation cost was revealed to be £10,000, with significant variations depending on the property’s size and the type of heat pump installed. While this upfront cost might appear high, it should be considered an investment in long-term energy savings.

The survey found that the average annual running cost for an air source heat pump was approximately £1,000, although this can fluctuate based on the property size, pump type, and the local climate. Despite this, 75% of respondents indicated they were satisfied with the running costs of their heat pump, further demonstrating the system’s cost-effectiveness over time.

Recommendations and Future Directions

In a vote of confidence, most surveyed households said they would recommend an air source heat pump to others, citing the benefits they have experienced. However, the respondents also suggested that the government should do more to promote these systems and make them more affordable.

The high upfront installation cost can serve as a barrier for some households. As such, governmental action, such as providing financial incentives and raising awareness about the systems’ benefits, could be instrumental in making air source heat pumps more accessible.

Air Source Heat Pump Survey Results

Satisfied Not Satisfied
Satisfaction with Air Source Heat Pumps 80% 20%
Installation Costs Running Costs
Average Costs £10,000 £1,000 per year
Aspect Satisfaction Rate
Heat Output 85%
Noise Levels 82%
Installation Process 78%
Running Costs 75%


  • Most respondents were satisfied with their air source heat pump.
  • The average installation cost was £10,000.
  • The average running cost was £1,000 per year.
  • Respondents were also satisfied with their heat pump’s heat output, noise levels, installation process, and running costs.

Overall, the survey results suggest that air source heat pumps are a popular and effective way to heat homes. Most respondents were satisfied with their heat pump, the installation process, and running costs.

The Energy Saving Trust survey results suggest that air source heat pumps are a popular and effective way to heat homes. They underscore the potential of these systems to provide an efficient, sustainable, and satisfactory heating solution. By addressing the initial cost barrier, the popularity and adoption of air source heat pumps are poised to rise, driving us closer to a renewable energy future.

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