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Are you looking for air conditioning training courses in Northern England? 

Viva Training is based in Halifax, the ideally situated for refrigeration technicians located in Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North East, as well as Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield.

Advanced courses – We deliver industry-leading refrigeration training for F Gas.

Worcester Bosch approved – Viva Training is Worcester Bosch approved to deliver F Gas training – we train their engineers and use Worcester’s state of the art heat pump appliances as part of our practical assessment.

Expert trainers – Our F-Gas courses are taught by refrigeration technicians with a huge amount of industry knowledge and practical experience.

Do I need to be F Gas certified?

F Gas Certification is a legal requirement for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) technicians working with Fluorinated Gases in accordance with the F Gas Regulations – the legislation which is phasing out harmful F Gases in favour of more environmentally friendly alternatives.

If you undertake ac repair, including the recovery, charging or disposal of refrigerants, or you handle equipment containing or designed to contain refrigerants then you must be F Gas certified.

What air conditioning certification do I need?

F Gas certification is delivered in four different categories, dependant on what level you are working to, what activities you carry out and what appliances you work on.  Viva Training deliver all four categories as standalone modules or as part of a package.

For experienced engineers who already hold valid F Gas Certification, we deliver a specialist flammable refrigerant (also known as HC) training.

We also deliver Oxy-fuel brazing and pipework training, which is an ideal accompaniment to F Gas certification or refresher course for experienced RACHP technicians.

If you are looking for refrigeration and air conditioning courses near you, look no further than Viva!

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