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Richard Firth here and we’re in the boiler studio at Viva Training.

We have been working on something really special for you we’ve put together some short bite-sized tutorials to help you with your boiler repairs journey.

If you’ve got anything that you want us to cover be sure to make a comment in the video below where we cover how to put a boiler into chimney sweep mode.

How to put a boiler into chimney sweep mode

Hi guys it’s Roy Fugler here at the Viva Training Centre in Halifax and today we’re starting a new series, the ‘how to series’ so what we’re going to be looking at is how do we put boilers into chimney sweep mode, how do we test components, quick checks and tests that you can do without the use of a multimeter.

Different manufacturers have got different menus on their boilers so some of them we can access benchmark information we can access, chimney suite mode error histories and all those types of things.

Starting on the Potterton Assure which is exactly the same as a Baxi 800, Baxi 600, the Main Eco Compact and the Baxia Assure because they’ve stopped producing the Potterton Assuer.

So why would we put a boil into chimney sweep mode?

When you’re doing your servicing or filling your benchmarks in we’ve got to check the boiler’s flue gas analysis at high and check it at low to comply and to put those figures down.

First of all we put both control knobs from maximum round to minimum.

Turn the hot water control to minimum and same with the central heating, turn it round to minimum.

Next turn the hot water on quarter turn twice, so you go from 12 o’clock to three o’clock and you are going to do that twice. This will instigate the boiler going into chimney sweep mode. You will know it’s gone into chimney sweep mode because the screen will show 304.

One of the things that can happen when you’re doing this and the system’s warm the boiler gets up to temperature and it tends to shut the boiler off because it’ll want to modulate down. The way around it is putting the hot tap on. By putting the hot tap, this will dump the heat through the heat exchanger.

Put the hot tap on, that’s going to dump the heat. Quarter turn twice (or 3 o’clock) – ON – and then it will come up 304.

To make sure, turn the central heating to max and the boiler ramps up to 100. This tells us it’s in maximum. Then you could remove the flue gas analyser plug, put the analyser in there and do your flue gas analysis.

When you want to go down to minimum, turn the central heating knob around and the screen will drop down to double zero (00). This tells us that it’s down to minimum and again you can do the flue gas analysis.

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