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Renewable energy is not just about harnessing the wind, sun, or water. It’s about innovatively transitioning from our historical energy sources, like coal, to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives. The Ferrybridge site in West Yorkshire is a testament to this transformation.

The Dawn of a New Energy Era at Ferrybridge

SSE Renewables has recently laid the foundation stone for its new venture at Ferrybridge – a massive 150MW battery storage project. The site, previously renowned for its coal-fired plant, which served the UK’s energy needs, witnessed its decommissioning by SSE in 2016. And now, it’s gearing up for a renaissance.

By the end of 2024, this newly constructed battery storage facility will be fully operational, boasting a remarkable capacity of 300MWh. Its design ensures flexibility, allowing it to pump energy into the national grid for two hours. In the words of Richard Cave-Bigley, Director of Solar and Battery at SSE Renewables, the Ferrybridge site’s evolution is symbolic: “From its coal legacy, we’re now pioneering a 150MW flexible battery asset crucial for our net-zero ambitions.”

Key Collaborations Usher in the Future

The Ferrybridge project isn’t a solo venture. OCU Services, the construction contractor, is partnering with SSE Renewables to bring this vision to life. Additionally, the battery supply for this monumental project is sourced from Sungrow Power UK.

President of Sungrow Europe, Lewis Li, expressed his excitement for this venture: “Sungrow’s liquid-cooled energy storage system, the PowerTitan, will significantly contribute to this landmark project. Our collaboration with SSE Renewables aims to ensure the project sees the light of day and thrives with cutting-edge technology.”

Vince Bowler, Managing Director of OCU Services, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of their collaborative efforts to sustainably meet the UK’s peak energy demands.

What’s Next for SSE Renewables?

This project is part of a broader vision for SSE Renewables. The company has embarked on various renewable ventures, with a 1.2GW secured pipeline of solar and battery projects across the UK and Ireland. An additional 1.3GW of prospective sites are also under consideration.

Ferrybridge isn’t the company’s first foray into battery storage. A 50MW BESS facility in Salisbury is on track to be operational by the end of 2023. Moreover, planning permissions have been secured for other significant battery storage projects, including Fiddler’s Ferry (150MW) and Monk Fryston (320MW).

Reflecting on the company’s broader vision, SSE has outlined ambitious plans. By 2031/32, investments in low-carbon technology could reach up to £40bn. In the immediate future, a well-structured £18bn five-year investment plan leading up to 2027 is already in place. With these investments, SSE Renewables aims to usher in a green jobs revolution, targeting the creation of 1,000 new sustainable jobs annually.

Energy Landscape

The energy landscape of the UK is undeniably shifting. With projects like the Ferrybridge battery storage facility, the transition from coal to cleaner energy sources is a possibility and a reality. As companies like SSE Renewables take charge, the future seems green, sustainable, and innovative.


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