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We’re passionate about training at Viva Training Academy and want to put our customers at the heart of everything we do here.

We want to know what it’s like to be a gas engineer trainee, to find out how it feels.

One of our new trainees, Toby, who has decided on a career change, is keeping a video diary of his experiences whilst he’s on our new entrants’ gas course.

Day 1 at Viva Training Academy

R: Hi, I’m Richard of Viva Training Academy, I’d like to introduce Toby. Toby’s on his first day of our gas engineering course. It’s a 15 week programme and we’re going to record a daily diary to give you guys an insight into what the course is like, how it runs, how Toby feels and how his skills develop over time. 

So, Toby, why did you want to become a gas engineer?

T: Well, in the past I’ve had some relatively senior corporate roles, but about four years ago I realised there was more to life than just the nine-to-five so I got into property. Since then I’ve built up a pretty good portfolio, but when it came to maintenance, the people that kept letting me down were gas engineers. So I thought, maybe I should just do this myself. Besides that, I think it would be quite fun, a lucrative career that will help with my property ventures as well. 

R: Yeah, absolutely. Lots of really good reasons to get onto the gas course and become an engineer. Definitely. You spoke a little bit about the opportunities the training would give you. You see this as a way to help you look after your own properties and then plan to broaden your offering to the wider community as well? 

T: Ideally I’d like to go into a more self-employed role. Maybe start a small company down the line, with a few people. I’m thinking I may just get a lot of job satisfaction from it really.

R: Yeah, definitely, definitely. One quick question; when you’re a property investor, do you find that cash flow can be challenging – and maybe see that becoming a gas engineer – a high-income earning role – could help with that?

T: Oh yeah, definitely, because a lot of the property work involves spending out large chunks of cash and it takes a while for it to come back to you. I agree, cash flow’s definitely important.

R: Yeah, definitely important. So why did you choose us as a centre?

T: I did my research and looked at a couple of different providers.

The key thing that stood out for me about Viva was how quickly I could go from being a novice to a qualified gas engineer and actually be out there earning money and starting an exciting new career. Then, obviously, when we spoke, its very clear to me that as a business, a training provider you really know your stuff. All the people involved here are qualified gas engineers and have real-world experience to help the trainees you take on.

R: Yeah, sure. So, you’ve finished day one and had half a day in the classroom. Bit of a Baptism of Fire? How do you feel?

T: Well, they’ve been taking it easy on us so far. We’ve done some really high-level stuff, but for now, the main thing to grasp is an understanding the facilities, the training providers, the teachers and the other students as well. There’s certainly an element of excitement in the room and a sense of getting us all moving forward in the right direction.  Let’s see what day two has to offer!

R: Yeah, absolutely! If you want to follow Toby’s journey to find out what it’s like becoming a gas engineer and move into the role of being a gas engineer you should like and subscribe, then you’ll get notifications and be able to follow Toby’s journey.

So until next time, goodbye.

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