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Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) is the accepted and recognised standard in the UK which gas engineers who have adequate experience and training gain a certificate of competence. ACS reassessment is required every five years.

What is ACS skill assessment?

The Accredited Certified Scheme for Gas Engineers, also know as the ACS is the exams gas engineers must take initially to gain the gas engineers nationally recognised qualification. Gas engineers must take a shortened version of these exams every five years to refresh themselves and ensure they are brought up to date with amendments to procedures and processes within the industry.

What is the purpose of ACS?

The purpose of the accredited certification scheme is initially tested an engineers competence to operate as a gas engineer and then ensure they are up to date with the latest standards, procedures and processes, and maintaining the safety standards all gas engineer are expected to meet in order to keep people in homes and businesses premises across the UK are safe.

What’s the meaning of ACS?

The ACS refers to the Accredited Certification Scheme for Gas Engineers.

How long does ACS skill assessment take?

The ACS Skills Assessment can take up to a week for the initial assessment and from two days for a five-yearly Reassessment for a gas engineer depending on their training requirement.

How long does an ACS assessment take?

The Accredited Certificate Scheme Assessment (ACS Assessment) when taken for the first time to become an engineer, know as the ACS Initial Assessment, taken by engineers wanting to qualify to become a gas engineer. This usually takes up to a week to complete. The ACS Reassessment which is to be completed every five years by all qualified gas engineers can be completed within 2 or 3 days without refreshed training or 4 to 5 days with refresher training. Viva Training Academy offers both online and in centre refresher training, however refresher training is not obligatory.

How long does it take for ACS skill assessment 2020?

The Accredited Scheme Certification assessment, the ACS assessment is in two parts. There is the theory which consists of written papers. And the practical part which is where an engineer performs practical tests and answers further questions from practical view point. The practical test is a series of 8 tasks covering the core competencies which a gas engineer must be able to carry out. The tasks include but is not limited too, tightness test, gas rating, installation faults, flue flow test, spillage test, safety devises & controls, fleeing, ventilation, pipework faults, Gas analyser operation and so on. This can usually be completed within a day, depending on the engineer’s speed to complete each task. The ACS practical assessment is also known as the CCN1 or Core Gas Safety and is an open book test.

What are the documents required for ACS skill assessment?

When completing your Gas Engineering ACS Reassessment exams at Viva Training Academy you need to bring your current qualifications certification, your driving licence or passport as your proof of ID and two passport photos.


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