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Explore the latest heat pump technology at our brand-new Daikin Sustainable Home Centre.

Are you a housing developer or specifier looking to find out more about how heat pumps can help you meet the requirements of the new Building Regulations?

Based in Halifax, Yorkshire, our state-of-the-art Sustainable Centre is a valuable resource for developers and specifiers exploring the potential of heat pumps for new build homes.

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Meet new energy efficiency standards with a heat pump system

New homes built from 2025 will need to meet new energy efficiency standards designed to reduce carbon emissions by 75-80%, as part of the government’s Future Homes and Buildings Standard.

An interim uplift to the Part L of the Building Regulations (energy efficiency) will be introduced on 15 June 2022 requiring a 30% reduction.

Low-temperature heating systems will be key for homes built to the new standard, with air source heat pumps (ASHPs) working alongside high performance insulation to create warm, eco-friendly homes that cost less to heat and run.

Explore the heat pump technology at our Sustainable Centre

View the latest heat pump technology and connect with trusted suppliers and installers.

  • See heat pumps in action. See the latest Daikin heat pumps and find out the benefits of low-temperature heating systems for your projects.
  • Talk to the experts. We’re on-hand to guide you through the various heat pump systems and provide guidance based on your requirements.
  • Link with suppliers and installers. Viva is working with Daikin to train and build a secure network of professional, skilled and qualified heat pump installers ready to meet the challenges of the future.

We can help developers and specifiers:

  • Source products from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers
  • Connect with specialist installation companies with the capacity to deliver ASHP systems on a mass scale.

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We have our own team of elite heat pump installers, highly trained and qualified in heat pump system design, installation and commissioning.

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Heat pumps for new builds

ASHP systems achieve some of the highest efficiencies of any heating system. Most heating systems, including gas, oil and electric, lose energy when they generate heat, but ASHPs deliver up to 4 times more heat than the energy they use.

The actual financial savings you will make depends on several factors, such as the size of your home, the type of heat emitters used, the fabric of your home and your existing heating system.

Are you a housing developer or specifier looking to find out more about heat pumps?

Book a visit to our Sustainable Centre based in Halifax, West Yorkshire to see heat pumps in action and meet experts and suppliers who can advise on your requirements.

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